I'M melissa, your makeup artist & friend!

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Hi there! I'm Melissa, the proud owner and lead Makeup Artist at Beauty by Lissa. With over 6 years in the field, I bring not just expertise but a genuine passion for making your makeup dreams a reality.

What makes my approach unique is my commitment to enhancing your distinctive features. I take pride in being an expert across all skin tones, face shapes, and beyond. My goal is to craft not just a makeup look but your PERFECT makeup look.

At Beauty by Lissa, it's not only about the artistry but also the personal touch. I believe in creating an experience where you feel understood, celebrated, and confident. Your vision is my inspiration, and together, we'll bring it to life through the transformative power of makeup.

Continual learning and staying ahead of beauty trends are key aspects of my commitment to you. Whether you're drawn to timeless elegance or the latest trends, I'm here to tailor your makeup experience to reflect your unique style.

Let's embark on this beauty journey together—where every brushstroke tells a story of enhancing your natural beauty and turning your makeup dreams into a stunning reality!

I'm here to be your personal guide in crafting a timeless and customized makeup look that perfectly resonates with you. Let's embark on a journey to create an enduring and unforgettable experience on your wedding day—a moment that not only enhances your natural beauty but also encapsulates the timeless elegance you envision. Whether you're drawn to a classic and sophisticated aesthetic or a more contemporary twist, we'll collaborate to ensure your makeup look stands the test of time. Let's work together to make your wedding day not only uniquely beautiful but also a timeless celebration of your love and style.

I'M HERE TO be your makeup guide!

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